Giclee Printing

Have only one copy of a favorite family photo? Share it with your entire family!

Looking for a meaningful gift? Giclée prints make perfect gifts that will be handed down through generations. Giclée prints are very high quality inkjet prints created with eight or more colors of archival ink. At LaFontsee Galleries, we can scan your old photos and re-create them without that unsightly fingerprint or unfortunate tear.

Why a giclée print?

Giclées possess depth and variation of color so precise that it is sometimes difficult to tell the difference between the print and the original piece. The prints are created with archival paper and inks that have a lifespan of over 200 years, which means no yellowing or fading. A giclée print can often last longer than the original photo from which it was created. The development of technology has resulted in the ability to print in such high-resolution that the prints are virtually 'continuous tone' rather than displaying tiny dots.

Want to digitally repair your photos before you print? We do that, too!

We can reverse most fading and yellowing as well as erase minor tears, splotches, fingerprints, and dust marks. We'll work with you to make sure you are happy with the final image. Not sure if we can fix it? Bring it in and talk with our photo expert!

More great ideas...

We can digitally retouch and restore old family photos

We also offer many fine art giclée prints and over 1/2 million posters!

Looking for an affordable way to freshen up your living space?

LaFontsee Galleries has a simple solution for a quick update to any room. We offer many giclée prints by some of LaFontsee Galleries' most talented artists.

"LaFontsee Galleries is my source for great posters. They carry the widest selection of posters in Grand Rapids at a great price," says interior designer Becky Schrotenboer of Becky Schrotenboer Designs. Our capable design staff is pleased to offer a discount of 50% off any poster when accompanied by a framing order. With over 1,200 posters in stock and the ability to order from a selection of over a half million, you’re sure to find an attractive option to fit any budget.