We're the Solution

We're the Solution

When the JW Marriott was in a bind, they called US to fix their problem, FAST.

LaFontsee Galleries was asked to provide, frame, and install artwork in several of the public spaces in the new JW Marriott- Grand Rapids. We also provided the finishing touches needed to make the signature restaurant, Six.One.Six, a memorable visual feast.

Scrambling to meet opening day deadlines, finishing crews at the Marriott discovered that the 100 freshly installed full-length mirrors from their west coast supplier were unacceptable. Panic set in. What would they do? How could the California supplier send out a framing crew in time to correct the problems and how much was it going to cost?

And so, with just a few days left before the hotel’s grand opening, LaFontsee Galleries received a call and accepted a challenge that brought out the best in what we stand for, promise, and deliver.

Our crew formulated a plan. They created a mobile framing department, taking along an air compressor, padded tables and all the necessary tools required to reframe the large quantity of mirrors on site. They arrived at the Marriott and set up temporary shop floor-by-floor to uninstall, unassemble and reassemble each mirror and frame. Each mirror was then security-installed. As each floor was completed, the LaFontsee crew packed up shop, cleaned up, then went up to the next floor and started all over again until all 100 mirrors were repaired and perfectly set into place. We did all this in such a way as to avoid causing any disruption to other contractors or activity in the hotel.

LaFontsee Galleries is proud to have assisted JW Marriott-Grand Rapids in conveying its message of commitment to quality and excellence. With boots on the ground and located just up the street, the LaFontsee Galleries team can be enlisted for support whenever challenges arise.