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Curtis Miller

Curtis Miller prints his dramatic images on a scale so large that it allows the viewer to enter his rich Michigan shorelines and empty farmlands.  Composed with an expert eye, his photographs stir the viewer with their depth and moodiness.  His enveloping images stretch across the full length of watercolor paper, allowing for a shared experience with the artist. 

Depending on the project, he shifts between photographs saturated with pigment and those that are ethereally drained of color.  At full color concentration, the density of hue allows for haunting contrast and stunning complexity.  When color is carefully sapped, the images become soft and transport the viewer to a misty world of memory.  The power of his photographs is in his ability to depict familiar places with an intensity rarely experienced in person.

Born to an architect and artist, craftsmanship and creativity have always been a part of Miller’s life, although he didn’t realize he wanted to pursue a career as an artist until completing a required art class in college.  Since earning his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Albion College in 1977, he has found his niche creating photographs that are achingly beautiful. 

Curtis Miller • Statement

My photographs transport viewers to a haunting world of vast spaces, sparsely populated with orchards, fences, barns, and silos.  The photographs capture the quiet times of the year when the fields lie dormant.  They are contemplative, often moody images.  The distant horizons and open spaces invite the viewer to stand before this world and consider their place within it.
Vast acres of harvested corn lie under snow, punctuated by patches of forest, buildings, and fences.  Carefully maintained orchards roll through the hills.  Worn but well cared-for farm buildings contribute their simple, classic forms to this ordered landscape.  They reflect the presence and the works of men who remain unseen.  The varying atmospheres of fog and snow contribute to the sense of unending space.

The photographs have a strong formal quality created by bold contrasts, simple forms, and dramatic perspective.  The photographs are carefully composed, dynamically balanced, and never static.

Technical Notes
All of my photographs were taken with professional grade 35mm digital SLR cameras and premium lenses for maximum resolution and clarity.  Some panoramic images are composed of several photographs, stitched together with software to yield ultra-high resolutions for very large prints.  While the photographs are available in a range of sizes, large prints allow the viewer to enter their vast spaces rather than just look at them.

Curtis Miller • Biography


Artist's Way at Work Certification, La Jolla, California

Industrial Design Coursework, University of Michigan

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Albion College

Student teacher of Philosophy and Fine Art, Albion College


"Everyone in the Pool", LaFontsee Galleries, Douglas, Michigan

"Collective Alchemy", LaFontsee Galleries, Grand Rapids, Michigan

"Let's Get Started", LaFontsee Galleries, Grand Rapids, Michigan

"Look Out", LaFontsee Galleries, Douglas, Michigan
"Everyone in The Pool", LaFontsee Galleries, Douglas, Michigan

"Lookie Here", LaFontsee Galleries, Grand Rapids, Michigan

“Annual Fall Celebration”, LaFontsee Galleries, Grand Rapids, Michigan

“Unusual Suspects”, LaFontsee Galleries, Douglas, Michigan

"Exhibition in Mayor's Suite", City Hall, Grand Rapids, Michigan

"25 Year Gala", LaFontsee Galleries, Grand Rapids, Michigan

"LG-Group", LaFontsee Galleries, Douglas, Michigan

"Fresh Squeezed and Locally Grown", LaFontsee Galleries, Douglas, Michigan

"Act II", LaFontsee Galleries, Douglas, Michigan

"Come Out and Play", LaFontsee Galleries, Grand Rapids, Michigan

"Summer Fun", LaFontsee Galleries, Douglas, Michigan

"Opening Celebration", LaFontsee Galleries, Douglas, Michigan

"Spring Peepers", New Season New Art, River Gallery

"Recent Works", two person exhibition, Albion College, Albion, Michigan

"Four x Four", Gallery Uptown, Grand Haven, Michigan

"Birmingham/Bloomfield Temple Art Show", West Bloomfield, Michigan

"Kaleidoscope", All-member exhibition Brighton Art Guild, Brighton, Michigan

"Growing Forward", Buckham Gallery, Flint, Michigan

"Five Michigan Artists", Serendipity Gallery, Walled Lake, Michigan

Howell Area Chamber of Commerce, Howell, Michigan

Woodland Medical Center, Brighton, Michigan

Virtue Gallery, Brighton, Michigan

Art Walk, featured artist, Howell, Michigan


First Prize in Painting, Birmingham/Bloomfield Temple Art Show

Presenting Sponsor's Award, Kaleidoscope

Second Prize in Painting, Intercollegiate art competition, Albion College

Etching selected for national graduate and undergraduate competitive exhibition


Member, Buckham Gallery non-profit arts center, Flint, Michigan

Board of Directors, Brighton Art Guild

Chairman, Downtown Development Authority Design Committee

Board of Directors, Livingston Area Arts Council