Artist Submission - FAQ

Thank you for considering LaFontsee Galleries as a possible representative for your work.  These are some of the questions we hear from artists.

Why should I put together a submission?
Though we currently working with a really talented and steady full stable of artists, we are always interested in quality work that we believe will meet the needs of the gallery and our clients. We do take new work from time to time as we find interesting and creative artists. Our clients’ needs sometimes shift and times change. Some artists stop working, or change styles allowing a gap in our inventory.

What materials should I include in my submission?
Please see the Artist Submission Guidelines for a complete list of requirements.

Who reviews the submissions?
All submissions are reviewed by Linda and Scott LaFontsee. Key employees are also consulted when additional input is needed.

Why does the gallery prefer to see prints or slides over digital images?
The subtleties of artwork are sometimes lost when viewing it on a computer. Surface quality and color are two factors that are hard to decipher on a screen. Usually these issues are better addressed in print and slide.

Why doesn't the gallery want to look at original artwork?
The images included in your submission should accurately represent your artwork and therefore we do not feel it necessary to review original work in the preliminary stages of submission. This also helps to keep the cost and hassle at a minimum for you and for us. The gallery will request to see original artwork from artists who have submitted a portfolio that needs further consideration.

How long does it take for submissions to be reviewed?
Expect it to take a few months for us to review your submission and contact you. While we’re always excited to look at new submissions, we’re not always able to get back to you right away. We receive a large number of submissions and in order to seriously review each one we take a considerable amount of time. Many submissions are reviewed more than once.

What is the gallery looking for in artists and artwork?
We are looking for:

  1. Original artwork that is produced in a unique way with common themes, exceptional craftsmanship and an overall sense of quality.
  2. Artists with a desire to succeed as well as the patience and persistence to make it happen.
  3. Artists who can produce work in quantities large enough to continually supply the gallery with work and still meet their obligations with other galleries.  Artists are expected to keep a significant number of artwork in inventory at all times.

Art is a difficult business and we are looking for artists who are not only serious about making art but are also realistic about the amount of work necessary to succeed.  We accept submissions from emerging, mid-career and professional artists in all media.  All artwork must be original and the artist must be the owner and sole creator of any artwork offered to the gallery.  Artists are required to hold the copyright to all work. 

How are artists chosen for exhibitions?
Initially, artists will show their work on consignment as a Studio Artist.  Based on success (working relationship, client interest, sales, and inventory) as a Studio Artist, the artist and the gallery may agree to enter an exclusive relationship.  These contract artists will be selected to appear in LaFontsee Galleries exhibitions.

How will clients see the artwork if not in exhibitions?
We have a gallery space that is designed to have a large amount of inventory on display all the time. We are also successful in connecting clients with artwork that may not currently be on display.

What expectations will the gallery have of me as an artist?
Artists will be expected to:

  1. Produce quality work consistently.
  2. Submit new work on a regular basis, preferably each calendar quarter.
  3. Provide quality digital images of artworks available.
  4. Work as a partner in creating a market for themselves and their work.
  5. Think of the gallery as a long term partnership.

Our experience has shown us that it usually takes years to develop a significant awareness and appreciation for an artist and their work. By joining the gallery, artists will gain creditability with our clients, but the real growth and sales come after clients have purchased work and the artist's exposure is multiplied by having artwork in corporate and private collections. This, combined with patience and persistence, can lead to a considerable presence in the art world both locally and nationally.

How will I benefit from being a gallery artist?
LaFontsee Galleries has become a trusted source of art by both leading and emerging mid-career artists. We have retail hours six days a week designed to serve a large personal, corporate and designer clientele. We have earned a robust reputation based on twenty-five years of successful business experience. Artists will be exposed to a large, active clientele and can build upon this constantly growing foundation.

How are artists paid?
All artwork is taken by the gallery on consignment. The gallery pays artists for all sales on paid invoices for in the previous month, by the 5th of each month.

How is artwork pricing decided?
We work with artists who lack consistent pricing to arrive at a price structure that works both for them and for the gallery.  On the other hand, artists with established pricing are evaluated to see if they can be supported by our market.  

Does the gallery receive requests for commissioned artworks?
Yes. With a large medical, corporate and trade clientele, we are continuously working with clients and artists on commissions. We have organized commissions for everything from small paintings of personal items and places, to large outdoor sculptures.

Does the gallery do any publishing?
Yes, we have produced open and limited edition prints as well as propriety prints for specific clients. The gallery has also developed international publishing contracts for some of their artists with large publishing companies.