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Eric Silva Jewelry

Eric Silva’s work reflects his individual artistic viewpoint that combines both natural and industrial materials in a small, thoughtfully constructed space, and that highlights the often overlooked details found in daily life. Constructed of eco-conscious materials such as rustic sterling silver, shed antler, recycled wood, and semi-precious stones, he believes in the simplicity and integrity of the materials themselves, and for those who own his work, Eric affirms that a unique bond is forged between artist and owner.

Jennifer Surine Jewelry

Jennifer Surine Jewelry

Jennifer Surine is a metalsmith and jeweler whose designs offer a unique elegance. She began creating jewelry as a teenager and went on to earn her BFA in Art and Design with an emphasis in metals in 2008 from Grand Valley State University. She now works full-time out of her home studio making jewelry, which she has sold around the world. Her modern and stylish hand-crafted designs primarily utilize sterling silver. Her designs were featured in two Lark Books on jewelry making in 2010 and 2011. Jennifer resides in Portage, Michigan with her husband Steve and her yellow lab Kylan.


Rosemary Mifsud Jewelry

Rosemary is a lover of life and new experiences. She is a growing artist and conceptual designer living in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Rosemary’s designs are born out of the most gentle of moments. She pulls nature’s artifacts indoors to engulf her studio so that the delicate details and arrangements found in natural forms are embraced and glorified. This care travels beyond aesthetics as she goes out of her way to find the most sustainable materials as possible. She chooses recycled precious metals, fair trade gemstones, natural materials, and carefully considers the country of origin of added components. With these deliberate intentions, quality remains high, while your impact on the environment stays low.


Sue Van Dame Jewelry

A Michigan native, Sue has been living and working outside Santa Fe, New Mexico but has now returned to Michigan. Sue intentionally creates texture and pattern on metal and enjoys the hand-worked look. All of the components are individually hand fabricated, one at a time. Sue combines semi-precious stones and pearls with metal components. The designs are simple, yet interesting. And above all else, Sue wants the pieces to be comfortable to wear. Often, the necklace pendants are reversible so there is no front or back. The pieces are designed so they are balanced and do not travel around the neck. This comes from a personal preference of not wanting to “fuss” with jewelry. Before Sue made jewelry, the pieces she bought or received as gifts often served as talismans. Being worn for strength, confidence, beauty and love. That is what Sue likes to pass on to the people who own her jewelry. She wants them to feel good every time they wear it.


Taki Watches

David Spencer, the designer of Taki watches, says he's always looked for a watch that connected with his own design style: clean simple design, with a lot of color. Growing up in St. Paul, Minnesota, he's always been influenced by the surrounding Scandinavian architecture. The pure simple lines that define the design that comes from that part of the world, but with a hard dose of color. Pure design, fresh color palette, top-notch craftsmanship, and all leather straps perfectly compliment the stainless steel black bezels. Japanese movements make for accurate time keeping.

Projects Watches

Projects Watches

For nearly 30 years Project Watches has dedicated itself to celebrating the role architecture and design play in our daily lives. Each watch is Architect-designed and aims to raise the collective consciousness of design, regardless of what form it may take.

Sonia Spencer Cufflinks

Launching her business in the late 80’s in the UK, Sonia targets directly to a breed of man who is interested in fashion and style and the details that make an entire outfit come together. Keeping her eye on the ball and tongue slightly in the cheek, she is quick to spot trends, ensuring each seasons range is as fresh as the last. Comprised of rhodium, a nickel-free metal within the platinum family, these cufflinks combine both a whimsical charm and a professional distinction to your ensemble.

Rebel Designs Jewelry

Rebel Designs

Rebel Designs is the brainchild of designer and sole proprietor Gina Riley. Growing up in Battle Creek, Michigan, Gina was always fascinated by fashion and was thrilled to have the chance to carve out her own niche in the “big apple". The heart of New York City is where her business remains today. Her designs incorporate semi-precious stones and Swarovski crystal in antique brass. The resulting look meets in a beautiful balance between costume and estate jewelry, making a statement which belies the age in which it was created. This jewelry will leave you looking like the bell of the ball, however its everyday application is well suited for the fun and funky, calling on the rebel within.

Philippa Roberts Jewelry

Philippa Roberts

Born in South Africa into a jewelry-making family, Philippa was naturally drawn to working with metals and stones. She graduated from Miami University (in Ohio) with a BFA in Metal Design and Photography. With California calling, she moved to San Francisco in 1995 to start her career in jewelry design, and remains there to this day. The simplicity and organic nature of her brushed sterling silver and vermeil pieces are distinct and timeless, appealing to a large audience ranging from the most eclectic to the most conservative of tastes.

Avant Garde Jewelry

Avant Garde

For those looking for something a little different that still appeals to a wide audience, Avant Garde usually hits the mark. The jewelry is comprised of a pewter base, plated in silver and brass and then varnished to preserve color. Select items are further adorned with Swarovsky stones, glass, and crystal. The final result has a sleek and modern appearance with touches of more worldly influences. The family-run operation creates these limited edition pieces with a Parisian group of designers called Duo, boasting over 15 years of experience. Every item is hypoallergenic, nickel-free, lead-free, and inspected to maintain the highest standards of quality. Combining simplicity and boldness, the distinction of materials makes these stand-out and highly wearable pieces an asset to any wardrobe.

LIP Watches

Like vintage? The 141 year-old French watch brand LIP is reintroducing some of their most important wristwatches. This series from the early 1970’s remains as visionary today as when first unveiled over four decades ago. These timepieces were created from a melting pot of Pan European industrial, architectural, interior and graphic designers, making them some of the most original watches ever produced. For the first time ever, LIP watches are available in the United States, offered only at various Barneys NY locations and LaFontsee Galleries! Each watch comes with a two year warranty covering all workmanship in movement.