high volume
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High volume framing projects

Because of our proven record of producing quality work efficiently, economically, and on time, we have been chosen over and over again for projects consisting of multiples including mission statements, photographs, limited edition prints, posters, patient bill of rights, notices of privacy practices, and more.

Our Experience Saves you Money

LaFontsee Galleries shares your values when it comes to thrift and concern for waste. Our experience has taught us how to control costs at the beginning of any project. By controlling size in batch framing, we reduce labor and material costs. For example, a project manager for Spectrum Health recently brought in a sample piece to measure for ordering 150 frames. The material was yet to be printed. We took immediate note of the size and advised them to have the material printed ½” smaller than the sample. This ½” size difference made the piece a standard size and resulted in a cost savings of 70% on glass-cutting labor and 27% on the glass. We saved Spectrum Health 25% by mounting four pieces to a board instead of three, resulting in no wasted material. An additional 12% was saved on moulding by combining this order with another project using the same material.